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Proudly Owned By The Salazar Family

Welcome To The New Fine Dining Experience With The New Owners of Chalet Basque Restaurant.

Chalet Basque Restaurant History

After migrating to Pyrenees France in 1952, moving to Wyoming to herd sheep, then to Chino CA,  and then to Bakersfield John-Baptiste "J.B."  Curutchague began working for different Basque restaurants. Once he got his foothold on the restaurant business JB & Marie opened up JB and Marie Chalet Basque in Wasco in 1969. Eventually they moved the restaurant to its permanent home here in Bakersfield in 1971. JB & Marie started from humble beginnings with a small establishment eventually growing to a 6500 square foot Chalet you know and love today. Chalet Basque quickly became a staple in the large Basque family culture and cuisine.


In 2006 JB & Marie hung up the aprons, traveled to see family in Europe, and explore the United States. They sold the restaurant to Christopher and Lisa Wilaras, to carry on their vision.


Today, Chalet Basque offers the same great food, great friendly staff that our customers have come to know and love. Chalet Basque is now one of Bakersfield's priceless gems.

Some of the faces have changed, but Lisa has kept the traditions alive and well in this modern era, keeping the traditional cuisine and family style dining associated with the Basque tradition.


Come and experience the taste and culture of Northern Spain and the mighty Pyrenees range.


Where strangers become friends, and everyone is family. 

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